Day Meetings in Kerteminde

Are you looking for a location for your day meetings, you are welcome in Kerteminde.Tornøes Hotel has the view, the conference rooms and the service you are looking for and at very competitive prices.

You can have your day meetings in atmospheric and historical surroundings next to Kerteminde fjord and harbour.

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Food and drinks

A day meeting at Tornøes Hotel in Kerteminde typically begins with morning coffee or tea with buns, cheese and cold cuts. At lunch a buffet with the kitchen’s specialities is served. Coffee and tea with homemade cake is served in the afternoon.

We have two offers for day meetings with or without dinner.

If you choose our evening menu, you can finish a productive work day with two delicious courses created by our chef using the season’s temptations. If you care for good beer, you can enjoy the beer from the hotel’s own brewhouse that has brewed beers through generations. Tornøes Hotel offers functional conference rooms with wireless internet and AV equipment.

Meetings with events

In the both atmospheric and functional surroundings, the meeting participants have unique opportunity of combining the formal with the informal.

If you want to spice up your day meeting with an event, we can arrange tours in the idyllic town centre with the many well-preserved fishermen’s houses. You can learn about the fisher girl Amanda, who’s statue is standing at Langebro as Kerteminde’s emblem and refers to the popular song “Min Amanda var fra Kerteminde”.

Whale exploration

You can also visit Fjord&Bælt, the scientific centre that educates about marine life in the inner Danish waters. It’s one of the few places in the world where you can explore porpoises up close. These little whales attract tourists and scientists from all over the world.

Simple living

You can also bring your guests to Møllebakken, where the artist couple Alhed and Johannes Larsen built their home in 1901-1902. Johannes Larsen Museum is created with the house in the centre that became the meeting place for the world famous “Funen Painters”. The artists sought for a simple life and painted their close surroundings: the garden, the harbour, the fields, the coast, animals and family life.


The Viking Museum Ladby contains Denmark’s only ship grave from the Viking Age – a world-famous site in line with the Viking ships in Roskilde and the ring castle Trelleborg.

If you want to have more information about events in connection with day meetings in Kerteminde, you are very welcome to send us an email to or call us at +45 65 32 16 05.