Experience Kerteminde

Great artistic experiences in Kerteminde.

Kerteminde offers many experiences for the entire family. As Johannes Larsen’s hometown, Kerteminde is especially rich with experiences in art and culture. The many galleries witness of the great location for art in the area.

The Johannes Larsen Museum in Kerteminde offers tourists outstanding artistic experiences. The museum represents an interesting historic building environment with the artist’s home in the centre and beautiful modern annexes.

Johannes Larsen is the most prominent member of the group of painters called the Funen Painters that thrived in Kerteminde. Besides Alhed and Johannes Larsen, Anna and Fritz Syberg, Christine and Sigurd Swane came to the artist colony that attracted many other painters and writers to the town.

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Modern Funen Painters

“The Funen Golden Age” still leaves beautiful trails. Experience a number of modern artists in Kerteminde: Susanny Ydo, Søren Hillerup Vaag, Kirsten Christensen, Lucy Bergström, Helle Fabricius, Anne Berit Brogaard, Kirsten W. Rasmussen, Ole Vedby Jørgensen, Hanne Andersen etc. Just as the old Funen Painters, they are modern painters and ceramic artists inspired by nature, not least flowers and landscapes on Funen.

International Art Festival is a yearly festival in Kerteminde with exhibitions at international scale. In 2013, more than 100 artists exhibited their works in 21 exhibition places representing 12 countries.

Presence of history

The old custom house in Strandgade exhibits special cultural historic exhibitions, alternating with changing exhibitions arranged by Kerteminde’s art association. As one of the oldest buildings in Kerteminde the custom house tells in itself an interesting historic tale. It was built around the same time as Tornøes Hotel by one of the many merchants from Odense who used Kerteminde as port town.

Kerteminde has a number of historic experiences to offer. In the Viking Museum Ladbylocated by the fjord, you can see Denmark’s only ship grave from the Viking Age. This is a world-famous tourist attraction in line with the Viking ships in Roskilde and Viking ring castle Trelleborg.

Hindsholm local historic museum in Martofte gives an overview over both history, culture and nature on the peninsula. The collection consists mainly of tools, witnessing the hard, manual labour on the country-side, the stone carver’s wedges, the roof thatcher’s pins, the village smith’s tongs etc. there are also more than 400 taxidermised birds, mammals, fish and crustaceans.