Family holiday

Family holiday without stress.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter – every season has its own charm. No matter what time of the year, a family holiday has its place. A family holiday, whether a long weekend or several weeks, is well-deserved break in the busy everyday life. A family holiday, where others take care of all the practical things so that you can just enjoy yourself. Imagine enjoying your breakfast without looking at the watch all the time!

When choosing a place for your family holiday there are almost infinite possibilities. Do you want to spend your holiday in Denmark or abroad? Do you want an active family holiday or a more relaxing holiday? Nature or culture? Sport or beach holiday? Or a little of everything?

All these decisions depend naturally on how old the children are. Families with toddlers often don’t want to move too much around whereas older children are bored if there are not enough activities. There are many decisions to consider.

Phenomenal Funen

If you choose to spend your holiday in Denmark, Funen is a fantastic place. There are relatively short distances to the country’s biggest attractions, and if you don’t want to drive too far, there are many sites on Funen. The island is on the one hand small enough, so that you can cross it twice in one day without stress and on the other hand it is large enough to offer a large variety of family-friendly activities and attractions.

Hans Christian Andersen’s birth island is world-famous for Hans Christian Andersen’s house. In the old inner city of Odense lies one of the world’s oldest writer’s museums. You can experience the famous writer’s life from 1805 to 1875 in text and images.

History the fun way

A family holiday on Funen is an opportunity to learn about Denmark’s history the fun way. Besides Hans Christian Andersen’s house, you can visit museums that pay homage to famous artists from Funen, like to composer Carl Nielsen and the painter Johannes Larsen.

The Funen towns are a witness of Denmark’s greatness as a maritime nation. If you want to experience the essence of Denmark, a family holiday in Kerteminde is the perfect choice. The small fishermen’s town oozes of history. Many of the old fishermen’s houses in the old inner town are preserved, and the harbour is still Funen’s most important fishing harbour with fishing auction and food industry.

Sites just around the corner

Tornøes Hotel is the perfect location for a family holiday in Denmark. The hotel is built in on old merchant’s house with a wonderful view on the water. Just around the corner, you will find “Lillestranden” with its small dinghys, fishing nets and tarred sheds.

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