Gourmet tourist on Funen

The rich farmland of Funen has created strong traditions for local food on the island. As a tourist there are many possibilities for a taste of Funen on restaurants, food markets and food festivals.

Everywhere on Funen, you can buy fresh locally produced food. Funen towns like Kerteminde often have market days or you can buy freshly caught fish at the harbour. Løgismose, Summerbird and Skarø are examples of local producers, and in Odense, the supermarket Supergastro sells local food and delicacies. As a tourist on Funen from May to October, you will always find an event that involves Funen specialties.

Adventure island
In the old inner town of Odense, one of the world’s oldest writer’s museums is located, Hans Christian Andersen’s House, which is a very popular attraction for tourists from Denmark and abroad.

Funen is also home for 123 interesting castles and mansions and they are often open to visitors. The castles always ooze of history and sometimes offer events, concerts, exhibitions, park tours etc.

A tour around in the landscape takes you through gentle hills, small villages and green meadows. As a tourist on Funen, you can take advantage of the relative short distance to all sites. The island of Funen is small enough to cross twice in one day, but big enough to offer a variety of attractions.

Sites by the water
If you want to explore Funen as a tourist, Tornøes Hotel is the perfect point of departure. The hotel is built in on old merchant’s house with a wonderful view on the water. Just around the corner, you will find “Lillestranden” with its small dinghys, fishing nets and tarred sheds.

You can feel the presence of history in and around the hotel. Besides Amanda, Kerteminde, the old fishermen’s town, can boast an atmospheric harbour milieu and beautiful sites.

You will find a variety of maritime experiences nearby. Close to Tornøes Hotel, you will find Ladbyskibet, the only ship grave from the Viking Age found in Denmark. The Fjord & Bælt Centre, an interesting adventure centre for the entire family, is also close by. Funen offers many maritime museums for the interested tourist. Examples are Tåsinge Skipperhjem and Folkemindesamlingen in the south of Funen, Marstal Søfartsmuseum on Ærø and Lillebæltsværftet in Middelfart.