Winter holiday in week 7 on Funen

The winter holiday is a glimmer of light in the long dark period between the Christmas and the Easter holidays. The Ministry of Education created this holiday in the 1970s because more and more Danish parents began to go on ski holidays with their children. It was then decided to combine the winter’s public holidays to one whole week.

Because the holiday is not connected to any Christian holiday, the local authorities can decide on the week for the winter holiday. Until 2015, the children on Funen held their winter holiday in week 8 whereas the rest of the country preferred week 7. The mayor of Odense, Anker Boye, thought that it was silly that Funen had the winter holiday one week after everybody else, and he convinced all the Funen communes to move it to week 7.

Adventurous winter holiday on Funen

A winter holiday spent on Funen is full of adventures for the entire family. During the winter holiday, the cultural institutions on Funen have a full programme.

The Danish Railway Museum offers a lot of games. Come and see the giant children’s train play-land, build your own trails, build your own locomotives and try the mini train. The children’s train station is built in children’s size with platform, rails, ticket sale, wagons and control tower. This innovative play-ground is inspired by the Odense train station from the 1960s.

Birds, reptiles, predators and monkeys

If you are interested in animals there is a lot to see during a winter holiday on Funen.

In Odense Zoo, you can feed the animals, come close to the predators and watch the monkeys play. The Oceanium hosts seacows and has tropical showers.

Denmark’s bird zoo is the country’s most beautiful and idyllic birds park in the centre of Funen farm house scenery. Walk around on the footpaths and enjoy approximately 700 different species of birds from all over the world that thrive between the old trees, bushes and flowers. You can see storks, ostriches, parrots, waterfowls and owls.

Enjoy freshly made coffee with homemade pastry in the parrot café and many other things.

You can also explore the world of reptiles. The terrarium in Vissenbjerg, approximately 15 kilometres west of Odense, is Scandinavia’s biggest terrarium with reptiles and amphibians form all over the world – crocodiles, iguanas, frogs and many other interesting exotic animals.

Nature education for the youngest children

Naturama in Svendborg educates about natural history using modern methods. You can explore animals in the water, on earth and in the air staged in a natural theatre with sound, lights, film and images. During the winter holiday there are tours, shows and activities for children and adults. In the sensing room, the Season Forest, smaller children can dress up and explore winter, spring, summer and autumn.