Christmas buffet

Served from 24th November 2018

Everything is made of fresh Danish raw materials

White herrings
Spicy herrings
Fried herrings
Curry salad
½ egg with shrimps and caviar
Warm fillet of plaice with remoulade
Warm-smoked salmon with spinach flan
Patty shells with chicken in asparagus
Sausage with kale
Rosa fried duck breast with salad, nuts and fruit
Rib roast with red cabbage
Pheasant with apples, walnuts and cream sauce
Beef fillet with root vegetables, fried potatoes and red wine sauce
Old-fashioned apple and bacon salad
Ris à l’amande with cherry sauce
Bread, fat and butter

Must be pre-ordered
Min. 15 persons
Price per person DKK 375