Tornøes Hotel is located in the heart of the old fishing town Kerteminde.

At Langebro, Kerteminde’s most famous woman, Amanda, welcomes visitors to the town.
Kerteminde is a very cosy town with everything within short distance.
The old fishing houses in the old town centre have been respectfully preserved. Enjoy a beautiful and eventful tour to Lillestranden with the small dinghys, fishing nets and tarred sheds.
The old merchant’s houses still lie as proud monuments from a past with worldwide trade.

Enjoy the tour through the Lundsgårds forests to the Virgin Hill and back over the cliffs to Sydstranden passing the fishing harbour. It’s a trip with lots of impressions for all senses.
Explore one of Denmark’s most beautiful places – the top of Funen – Fyns Hoved.
Interesting activities in and with nature – hiking, cycling, sailing, bathing, running – just enjoy!
Kerteminde is one of the towns that has it all and at the same time is easy to overlook. Everything in idyllic harmony.

Stay at Tornøes Hotel and get a enjoyable experience!