Kerteminde Brewery


Brewing on old values

Charlotte Frandsen and Morten Birkerod and their two children Christine and Ulrich live on a farm five km west of Kerteminde in the charming village Bregnør.

Back in 1984, Charlotte and Morten bought the farm from Emilie and Harald Nielsen’s estate.

There had been a tradition of beer brewing on the farm through generations and the farm’s beer was well-known for its quality. The fine beer was called the “Priest’s Horror” by the locals.


Emilie was a very skilled breweress. Words spread when she was brewing, and the locals including the priest would then often have urgent visits to the farm. They weren’t always able to find the straight way home – and the priest was of course obliged to follow his congregation.

When Charlotte and Morten took over, they found Emilie’s old barrels and the remains of her recipies in the cellar under the farm house.

Barrels and recipies had been left but never forgotten!


Through the years, the interest of following in Emilie’s footsteps and taking up the beer-brewing tradition on the farm grew.

The barrels were taken out but had to remain a dear memory of the past – they can now be seen in the brewery’s tasting room.

Charlotte and Morten bought some smaller 25-litre barrels and started brewing on the old stove in the former horse stable. Their family and friends liked the beer, and “if we can brew 25 litres, we must also be able to brew 80 litres.”

Kerteminde Brewery becomes a reality

Charlotte and Morten run Tornøes Hotel in Kerteminde, and by establishing a brewery, Tornøes Hotel would be the first hotel in Denmark serving ist own beer from ist own brewery.

In 2006, all of the family went to England during the Easter holiday to visit the sites and brewers! Before heading back to Denmark, they had bought a beautiful old 800-litre brewer that had been used in a pub in North Nottinghamshire.

The brewer arrived in Bregnør with a lot hubbub.

Kerteminde Brewery was now a reality! 

The first beer was sold in week 9 in 2007.

The ambition behind Kerteminde Brewery is to build on the old traditions.

The beer is still brewed by hand and in smaller quantities. No additives are used but instead only the best raw materials. The beer is not filtered, and the process is given the time it takes to make good beer.