Nearby Attractions

History is everywhere in the little town of Kerteminde that was granted royal borough privileges by King Eric of Pomerania on 7th December 1413.

“In the beautiful parish church from 1476, dedicated to Saint Lawrence, patron of the seafarers, by the museum in Councilman Karsten Iversen’s farmhouse and in the newly discovered town well in the main street, and in the old merchant’s houses with the local timbered framing.”

Kerteminde is a town full of atmosphere and everything is within reach. The beaches are close to the city centre and many of the old fishermen’s houses have been respectfully preserved in the old inner city. Kerteminde is one of these towns that has it all: city, harbour, beaches and forests in idyllic harmony.

At Langebro, Kerteminde’s most famous woman welcomes the visitors. Robert Lund-Jensen’s beautiful sculpture of the fisher girl, Amanda, has become a symbol of Kerteminde and is associated with the song “My Amanda”.

Enjoy a beautiful and eventful trip to “Lillestranden” with ist small dinghies, fishing nets and tarred sheds.