Dinner at Tornøes Hotel

Served every day from 17.30 to 21.00

Take a seat and enjoy a well-prepared dinner while taking in the beautiful view of Kerteminde Fjord and harbour.

With tablecloths, candles and cloth napkins we have made sure the atmosphere is just right for enjoying a delicious and traditional dinner. 

Our chefs never compromise on taste and quality. Everything is prepared from scratch using local, fresh ingredients.

We’re ready to welcome you in our a la carte restaurant where you can enjoy the traditional Tornøes classics or a lovely 2 or 3 course menu. 

Contact us to reserve a table


Graved salmon with gin/juniper
Served on homemade bread and herbs
DKK 95,- 

With duck confit and mushrooms
DKK 95,-

Temperate egg yolk
With brussel sprouts, hazelnuts and honey/lemon mayonnaise
DKK 95,-

Main courses

With red cabbage, kale, apple/white wine sauce and pommes noisette
DKK 235,-

Stuffed turkey
With pomegranate salad, stuffing, cranberry sauce and potatoes
DKK 235,-

Miso soup
With 5 different mushrooms
DKK 235,-


Cherry panna cotta
With almond meringue, blackcurrant sorbet and crystallized chocolate
DKK 95,-

Pumpkin pie
With salt caramel ice cream and roasted oats
DKK 95,-

Danish cheeses
With candied lemon jam
DKK 95,-

2 courses kr. 295,-
3 courses kr. 355,-

Tornøes classics

Served with pommes sautées, gravy, peas, capers and grated horseradish
Kr. 205,-

200 g. minced beef, lettuce, tomato, dill-pickled cucumber, cheese, bacon, red and burger dressing
Served with French fries and aioli
Kr. 175,-

Veggie sandwich
With pesto, spinach, tomato and mozzarella 
Served with French fries and aioli
Kr. 165,-

Butter-fried cod
Served with jerusalem artichoke puree, baked jerusalem artichoke, jerusalem artichoke chips, buerre blanc and potatoes.
Kr. 235,-
(Can be chosen as the main course in the 2 and 3 course menu)

Two fried fish fillets (plaice) served on bread with cod soufflé, cold smoked salmon, red dressing, lemon mayo, prawns, lemon and dill 
Kr. 185,-

Served with ice cream and berries
Kr. 75,-


Homemade cake
Kr. 45,-

Traditional Danish apple cake
Kr. 45,-

Petit fours
Kr. 50,-

Children’s menu

150 g. minced beef, lettuce, cucumber and tomato
Served with French fries, ketchup and remoulade
Kr. 95,-

Plaice fillet
Served with French fries, ketchup, and remoulade
Kr. 75,-

Pasta bolognese
Kr. 75,-

Served with ice cream and chocolate sauce
Kr. 65,-