Lunch at Tornøes Hotel

Served every day from 11.00 to 15.00

Enjoy your lunch in cosy surroundings with a view of Kerteminde fjord and harbour.

You can expect a classic, good lunch, prepared from scratch by our skilled chefs, using fresh ingredients. We always make sure that most of our ingredients are locally sourced when the season permits – fish from the harbour and bread from the baker. 

Bon appétit!

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From 11.00 to 12.30

Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes with syrup, fruit, cold-smoked salmon with dill/lemon dressing, skyr with berries and muesli, 2 kinds of UNIKA cheeses, seasonal compôte, mini croissant, cold cuts from Morten the butcher.
Served with paleo bread, rye bread, bread rolls, juice, coffee/tea, and butter.
Kr. 185,-

Open sandwiches

Our open sandwiches are prepared with traditional trimmings on freshly-baked bread from our local baker, Clausens.
Choose between: White bread, rye bread or paleo bread.

Breaded plaice
with remolade and lemon

Eggs and prawns
with lemon-mayo

with browned butter bearnaise mayo, fried leeks and dill-pickled cucumber salad.

Chicken salad
with bacon, fried mushrooms and cress

Kr. 95,-


Pickled herring platter
Three varieties of pickled herring, with curry dressing and crème fraîche
Served with rye bread, seasoned bacon dripping, and butter.
Kr. 145,-

Tornøes Salat Nicoise
with lightly fried tuna, eggs, vinaigrette, and pickled red onions  
Kr. 145,-

with eggs, vinaigrette, croutons, and pickled red onion. 
Kr. 125,-

Tornøes “Stjerneskud” 
With freid plaice fillet, steamed plaice fillet, cold smoked salmon, dressing, mayonaise, hand-peeled prawns, lemon and dill 
Kr. 205,-

Danish-style omelet
With fried bacon
Kr. 135,-

Minced beef steak
With horseradish, pickles, capers, chopped onion, and egg yolk
Kr. 145,-

Steak sandwich
with thin slices of veal browned butter bearnaise mayo, dill-pickled cucumber salad, tomatoes, lettuce and fried leek
Kr. 185,-

Cold smoked salmon sandwich
With avocado dressing, pickled red onion and freash cucumber
Served with pan fried potatoes and aioli 
Kr. 175,-

Veggie sandwich
pesto, spinach, tomato and mozzerela
Served with pan fried potatoes and aioli
Kr. 165,-