A final farewell in beautiful surroundings

After saying a last farewell, families, and friends often come together for a meal to commemorate the deceased. Tornøes Hotel will ensure the right setting for your final goodbye, with a view of Kerteminde fjord and harbour.

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Coffee / tea / cake

kr. 45,00,-

Coffee/tea with danish pastry
kr. 90,00,-

Coffee/tea with buns and danish pastry
kr. 125,00,-

Coffee/tea with layered cake
kr. 110,00,-

Coffee/tea with buns and layered cake
kr. 145,00,-

Coffee / tea with danish pastry and layered cake
kr. 155,00,-

Coffee/tea with buns, danish pastry and layered cake
kr. 190,00,-

Coffee/tea with buns and a deli meat and cheese board
Kr. 145,00,-

kr. 40,00,-

Old school danish apple pie
kr. 55,00,-


Open-faced sandwiches

Open-faced sandwiches
Per piece kr. 40,00,-

Big open-faced sandwiches
Per piece kr. 95,00,-


kr. 40,00,-

Tornøes Brew – ½ liter
kr. 65,00,-

kr. 35,00,-

Ice water
kr. 30,00,-