Wine in beautiful surroundings

Whether you fancy an aperitif, a glass of wine or something sparkling, we will find it for you.

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The Italian aperitif – Aperol with sparkling water.
Glass kr. 75,00

Aperol spritz
The Italian aperitif – Aperol with sparkling water.
Glass kr. 95,00

Tornøes special
Aperitif made of woodland fruits with dry white wine and sparkling water.
Glass kr. 45,00

Dry martini cocktail
Glass kr. 95,00

Blackcurrant liqueur with white wine.
Glass kr. 45,00

Kir royal
Blackcurrant liqueur with sparkling wine.
Glass kr. 75,00

Prosecco castello 4359, fabiano   
A fresh and fruity Prosecco dedicated to Fabiano’s founder and named after the street number of Fabiano’s first wine shop.
This wine is the perfect exponent of Fabiano’s high quality that never disappoints.

Glass kr. 75,00
1/1 bottle . Kr. 320,00

Mont marcal cava, brut
This sparkling wine comes from Penedés, one of Spain’s finest wine districts on the Mediterranean coast south of Barcelona.
It has a refreshing bouquet of luscious green fruits. It has a dry flavour that is finely balanced with persistent “pearls”.

1/2 bottle Kr. 165,00

Cremant de bourgogne blanc eller rosé
labouré gontard
The Crémant Blanc appears golden in the glass with fine scent notes of green apples, citrus, and grass. The flavour is medium-bodied, dominated by a fresh frothiness. Like the bouquet, we taste fresh green notes and a mild aftertaste.

The Cremant Rosé is elegantly salmon-pink in the glass, with fresh notes of strawberries, raspberries, and cherries. The taste is intense with a fine frothiness. This dry wine is balanced by a nice fruit ripeness in the aftertaste.

1/1 bottle Kr.  350,00

Charles mignon 1. Cru
grand réserve champagne
The high champagne content of chardonnay grapes emphasises the elegance and finesse of this champagne.
Beautiful golden colour with green reflections, pleasantly full-bodied taste with a fine and long-lasting froth.

1/2 bottle Kr.  255,00
1/1 bottle Kr. 485,00


White wines


Bourgogne chardonnay
la tour de brully 

A wine with a pure, crystal-clear and slightly golden colour. The bouquet of hazelnut with a hint of honey, butter, ferns, spices
and roasted chestnuts enters the nose in a pleasing way.
The flavour reflects the same notes in the bouquet, making this a wine that is both pleasing and delicious.

1/1 bottle. Kr. 375,00


domaine de la villaudiere
Clarity in the glass, with a mild bouquet. Notes of freshly cut grass, green apples and a mild citrus character. The flavour is dry, with an intense fruity acidity.

1/2 bottle. Kr. 195,00
1/1 bottle Kr. 370,00


Riesling tradition
charles sparr
Beautifully golden in the glass, with a wonderfully expressive bouquet of green apples and a hint of minerals, culminating in the scent of citrus fruits.
There is a soft and full flavour with plenty of structure. Background notes of citrus and ripe pineapple. 

1/2 bottle Kr. 165,00
1/1 bottle Kr. 325,00


Rest of France

Cuvée prestige
maison badet, clement & cie
This wine has a delicately golden colour. Its bouquet is characterised by pear, peach, grape and white flowers (lilies).
It has a very refreshing, well-balanced taste and a nice roundness in the mouth. The aftertaste is fresh and dry.

Glass Kr. 55,00
1/2 bottle Kr. 135,00
1/1 bottle Kr. 255,00



Reisling qba trocken, weingut eser
This is a dry, floral Reisling with a fresh bouquet of apple and green grapes. The taste is pleasantly balanced between a light sweetness and a good dry fruit flavour in the aftertaste.

1/1 bottle Kr. 325,00



Rõs solaris
Dyrehøj vingård   

The aroma of elderflowers with a touch of flint and a good minerality is what characterises this wine.
The acidity is prominent but balanced and, along with its long aftertaste, makes this a perfect wine for food.

1/1 bottle Kr. 425,00



Chardonney “riva ranch”
wente vineyards
Beautiful golden colour and glorious aroma with notes of honey, yellow fruits, grains and a little spice from the barrel aging. The taste is wonderfully full-bodied with well-balanced fruit acidity and the barrel’s character nicely in the background.

1/1 bottle. Kr. 398,00



Pinot grigio terre siciliane igt
famiglia corsarini         
The bouquet is fresh and fruity, with notes of apple and pear with a hint of citrus, culminating in a scent of flowers.
The fruity flavour is refreshing and elegant.

1/1 fl. Kr. 295,00



Grüner veltliner
weingut pfaffl

Pleasantly spicy and fresh apple teases the olfactory sense. The tastebuds are certainly not cheated either, with pepper, citrus and herbs.
The aftertaste is elegant and appetising.

1/1 bottle Kr. 325,00



Godello white, bierzo
armas de guerra   
The colour is linen yellow with fine greenish reflections. An elegant bouquet of ripe fruit, hints of spices mixed with notes of flowers and woodland undergrowth. The taste is elegant, silky soft and mineral. The aftertaste is rounded and balanced.

1/1 bottle Kr. 315,00


Rosé wines


MiniMi les vin bréban
The grape composition in MiniMi Rosé is 70% Grenache and 30% Cinsault.
The MiniMi wine has a pale candy pink color. The nose is complex and elegant,
focused on floral and red fruit notes. On the palate, the wine is supple, fresh
with good intensity. Nice length on the finish.

Glass kr. 65,00
1/1 bottle Kr. 285,00

Rouge a levres 
domaine mas baux
This wine is made of 56% Grenache, 34% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Syrah. 
It has a pale red color. The nose is mineral with lightly smoked notes and rosewater
followed by hints of currant berries. On the palate, the wine is lively with acidic red fruits without any bitterness. 

Glass kr. 75,00
1/1 bottle Kr. 325,00


Red wines



Chateau la croix de st. Georges
st. Georges saint emilion

har en flot rød farve, en fyldig fløjlsblød smag af modne druer.

1/2 bottle Kr. 195,00
1/1 bottle Kr. 355,00

Chateau haut corbin
saint emilion grand cru
Has a nice red colour and a full-bodied velvety flavour of ripe grapes.

1/1 bottle Kr. 525,00


Beaujolais villages “fruit et terroir”, domaine monternot
The wine has a darker red colour than most Beaujolais wines. Nice intensity and red fruit in the bouquet.
The flavour offers ripe raspberries and a good length in the aftertaste.

1/2 fl. Kr. 175,00        


Domaine grosset “cairanne”
côtes du rhone villages
The bouquet is characterised by dark berries and good finesse. Flavour-wise, the emphasis is on elegance rather than power. The wine is very soft, with a well-balanced aftertaste with good flavours from the gentle barrel aging process.

1/2 bottle Kr. 185,00
1/1 bottle Kr. 345,00

Saint joseph “marandy”
domaine brotte

Flattering bouquet of leather and tobacco, a pompous mouth with liquorice, espresso and pepper and a nice long aftertaste with a touch of toastiness.

1/1 bottle Kr. 395,00


Rest of France

Cuvée prestige
maison badet, clement & cie
This wine has a beautiful red colour. Flavour-wise, we sense red berries like strawberries, raspberries, and
blackcurrants in beautiful harmony with notes of laurel and thyme. The aftertaste is round and well-balanced.

Glass kr. 55,00
1/2 bottle Kr. 135,00
1/1 bottle Kr. 255,00



St. Laurent
Weingut pfaffl
The nose has a hint of spices and fruit with a hint of strawberries. The flavour is rich with pronounced plum,
a touch of blackberry and a good portion of raspberry finished with spice and soft tannins

1/1 bottle Kr. 335,00



Primitivo di manduria “mandus”
rocca delle macie
Beautifully ruby-red in the glass with purple reflections.
The bouquet is full-bodied and intense and offers notes of ripe cherries, plums, cocoa and vanilla.
An elegant and lovely warm wine with a long-lasting aftertaste.

1/1 bottle Kr. 345,00

Ripasso della valpolicella doc
The nose is characterized by dark chokolate and warm blackberry. The flavour is intense with a
cascade of red berries, mocha, chocolate and soft tannins. The wine has a hint of residual sweetness
that is nicely balanced by the powerful fruit and concentration.

1/1 bottle Kr. 355,00

beni di batasiolo
Typically Piedmont. Elegant and complex. The flavour is characterised by the dryness of some nice tannins and subdued elegant fruitiness.
A serious food wine that should not be matched with heavier dishes.
The Nebbiolo grape often has what could almost be called a deliciously ballerina-like strength.

1/1 bottle Kr. 425,00



Urban ribera del duero
The bouquet is intense with notes of ripe black fruit, spice, chocolate, and a little licorice.
The flavour is nicely structured and well-balanced, with notes of black fruits like blackberries, again with light tones of licorice.
A fine and light mineral wine with delicate spicy notes from the barrel ageing

1/1 bottle Kr. 345,00



Zinfandel “hayes ranch”
wente vineyards
Intense red colour and a slightly spicy aromatic bouquet. The taste is fruity yet soft.

1/1 bottle Kr. 325,00

Cabernet sauvignon “hayes ranch”
wente vineyards
A deep red colour in the glass with a nice scent of cherries, blackcurrants and blackberries.
In the mouth, the wine is medium-bodied with soft mature tannins and a balanced aftertaste. There is a hint of spice from the barrel.

1/1 bottle Kr. 325,00

Pinot noir russian river sonoma 
Rodney strong
A nice clear color with an elegant aroma profile. Here are notes of small red berries and rose petals. The palate is nicely balanced
with a fine vanilla character from the barrel and an intense red fruit. A hint of spice finishes this beautiful pinot noir.

1/1 bottle Kr. 445,00



Malbec /cabernet sauvignon “petit caro”
bodegas caro   
Intense bouquet with notes of white flowers, red cherries and figs.
Juicy, complex flavour with hints of cloves and other spices.
This well-balanced wine is an elegant example of how Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon can be combined.

1/1 bottle Kr. 375,00



Shiraz terra barossa
An intense red colour. An intense flavour that is strong, spiced with a lot of fruit, and rounded off by a characterful bouquet with “oak” tones.

1/1 bottle Kr. 345,00


New Zealand

Pinot noir marlborough
babich wines
The bouquet is rich with plums and cherries, with some spices from the barrel.
The wine explodes in the mouth with sweet primary fruit and a fine intensity with a long and balanced aftertaste.

1/1 bottle Kr. 385,00


Dessert wines

Moscato d`asti ”bosc de la rei”, batasiolo
Has a clear and light colour, with a beautiful golden tint.
The flavour is elegant, rich, sweetly spicy, and with fine pearlescence.
The final bouquet has the alluring aroma of the Moscato grape.

1/1 bottle Kr. 295,00

Chateau du haut pick; sauternes   
The fine and complex bouquet is characterised by flowers and spices.
The flavour offers mango, roasted hazelnuts and acacia honey.
A full-bodied and well-balanced wine with good length.

 1/1 bottle Kr. 398,00

Banyuls, 4 ans d’age 4    
Beautiful leather colour with a red core. The bouquet is characterised by nuts, almonds, dried fruits, and a little pepper.
The flavour is mild and soft in character, with notes of hazelnuts and pure red fruit.

Glass kr. 50,00

Late harvest
vina tarapaca 
Mirror glossy with a beautiful amber colour. The flavour is richly varied, with a fine balance between acidity and sweetness.

Glass kr. 50,00

Rõs solaris & muscaris
dyrehøj vingård (Danmark)          
The sweetness of the Solaris grape is nicely complemented by the characteristic muscat bouquet and a touch of lemon, lime and elderflower. Its sweetness makes this wine perfect for cheeses, nuts, white chocolate or as a cool glass of wine on the terrace.                                             

Glass kr. 80,00


Port wine

Niepoort white
kr. 50,00

Niepoort tawny

kr. 50,00

Niepoort crusted
kr. 75,00

Niepoort the senior “moustache”
kr. 65,00

Niepoort late bottled vintage
kr. 65,00

Other fortified wines

Sherry & madeira
kr. 50,00

Sake shirayuki risvin
kr. 50,00


Beer & softdrinks

Standard Pilsner
kr. 35,00

Kerteminde bryg
kr. 65,00

Coca cola, Coca cola zero, Sprite
kr. 30,00

Tuborg squash, Schweppes lemon
kr. 30,00

Carlsberg spring water
kr. 30,00


Juice from Nybro

Apple juice
kr. 35,00

Apple & elderflower
kr. 35,00

Apple & cherry
kr. 35,00

Æble & pomgranate
kr. 35,00


Hot drinks

kr. 35,00

Stamp coffee/loose tea
kr. 45,00

kr. 35,00

Double espresso
kr. 55,00

kr. 35,00

Caffe latte
kr. 35,00

Caffe macchiato
kr. 35,00

Caffe americano
kr. 35,00

Hot chocolate
kr. 35,00

Irish coffee
kr. 95,00

French coffee
kr. 95,00

Iced coffee
kr. 50,00