Home-made buffet with everything you could possibly fancy, made of fresh local produce.
The perfect dinner for festive gatherings with family and friends.



Buffet Tornøe indeholder:

  • Plaice fillet with remoulade and lemon

  • Smoked herring with scrambled eggs and chives

  • Tornøes grilled tuna salad

  • Svendborg ham with olive tapenade

  • Roasted veal cutlet with celery puree, roasted roots, and Bordelaise sauce

  • Chicken Salad with mushrooms and bacon
  • Pommes Anna 

  • Baked beets with lemon, parsley, spinach, seeds and vinaigrette

  • Bygotto with herbs and seaweed

  • Unique cheeses with seasonal compote

  • Rye bread, stone age bread, coarse bread and spread


Per person kr. 345,00 Min. 15 people

Add-on when less than 15 people kr. 30,- per. person



Old-fashioned apple cake
kr. 45,- 

Pancakes with jam and sugar 
kr. 45,-