For big parties, with starter, main course, dessert and supper.
Combine your own menu and make it exactly what you want.



Johannes Larsen includes:


Hot smoked salmon with
lemon/dill dressing, rye bread crisps & pea sprouts.

Smoked scallops with
browned butter, small apple cubes & croutons.

Tornøes carpaccio with 
Rucola, capers berries and parmasian. 


Main cource:

Beef tenderloin with
celery puree, fried mushrooms, baked onions, pommes Anna & red wine sauce.

Stuffed quail with
salty cucumber balls, browned onion purée, berries, parsily potatoes, morkel sauce 

Fillet of venison with
onion puree, roasted mushrooms, chopped chestnuts, garlic baked potatoes & madeira sauce.

Roasted pluma with
beetroot, smoked cheese, lentils, mushrooms and tarragon



Gateau Marcel
salted caramel, pickled berries, berry coulis, nut brittle & vanilla cream.

Vanilla panna cotta
berries, strawberry mousse & crystallised chocolate

Triffli with seasonal fruits

Selected danish cheeses with
seasonal compot



with fried eggs


Cheese/sausage board with
jams and delicacies

Meatballs with
cold potato salad


Party 1:

  • 3-course menu

Per person kr. 495,00

Party 2:

  • Welcome drink
  • 3-course menu
  • House white wine, red wine og dessert wine, all you can eat/drink during the dinner. 

Per person kr. 795,00

Add-on for wine of the month per person kr. 50,00

Party 3:

  • Welcome drink
  • 3-course menu
  • House whitewin, red wine og dessert wine, all you can/drink 
  • Coffee/tea, 1 cognac/spirits
  • Mid-night snack
  • Open bar (regular beer, water, house wine) for 2 hours
  • Per person kr. 1.055,00

Add-on for wine of the month per person kr. 50,00

Per person kr. 1095,00

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